Find Car Rentals in Maracaibo (MAR)

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Book a Car Rental in Maracaibo, Venezuela

Maracaibo (MAR) has a well managed local transport system, however if you don’t want to use the local transport you always have an option to rent a car and roam around on your own will. The major car renting agencies available in Maracaibo are Aco Rent a Car, EasyTerra Car Rental and many more from where you can get cars of all ranges.

Top daytrips around Maracaibo
  • From Maracaibo you can get to San Carlos Island by boat, beautiful desertic island in the gulf of Venezuela with fun beaches and great people.

Top driving tips in Maracaibo
  • In rainy or snowy weather, turn on your headlamps and tail lamps. Even if your visibility is good, other drivers will have a better view of your vehicle in their rearview mirrors.