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Book a Car Rental in Valencia, Venezuela

The charming city of Valencia offers easy access to some of Venezuela’s best attractions, from the relaxing to the historic. Campo Carabobo, the battlefield where a major victory was won, and Las Trincheras, the thermal springs, are easy drives away, as well as a host of national parks and beaches.

Top Day Trips
    • Caracas, Venezuela’s picturesque capital city, is nestled in a valley at the foot of Mount Avila. The mountain is great for hiking, while the cosmopolitan city below offers endless options for upscale dining, high-end shopping and glitzy nightlife that can be more difficult to find in Valencia.
    • Contrary to the rest of the country’s tropical climate, Los Medanos de Coro is like a mini Sahara desert near the city of Coros. Golden sand dunes stretch as far as the eye can see, having been shifted inland by marine currents and winds. While you’re there, drop by Coros to catch a glimpse of its colorful colonial architecture, which has Spanish, Caribbean and Dutch influences.

Major Highways In Valencia
    • The Pan-American Highway, which also goes by Highway 1 in Venezuela, takes you east to Caracas or west to the border of Colombia. The entire highway crosses numerous North and South American countries, stretching from northern Canada to Buenos Aires.
    • Highway 5 runs southwest out of Valencia and leads to San Cristobal. It’s a scenic drive past the mountain ranges in National Parks Sierra Nevada and Tapo-Caparo.