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History reflects that Maracaibo(MAR) was founded three times, first in 1529 by the German Ambrosio Alfinger, who named it Maracaibo or Villa de Maracaibo. Second attempt by Captain Alonso Pacheco turned into failure. The third and definite foundation of the city occurs in 1574 by Captain Pedro Maldonado, since then the city is developing as a whole.

Top things to do in Maracaibo

Jog in the late afternoon/night at Vereda Del Lago, a big urban park along the lake border, located in El Milagro Ave.

Basilica Nuestra Senora de Chiquinquira is a beautiful church in Maracaibo. You can visit this church for some peace and relaxation.

Eat and drink in Maracaibo

The best steak house in Maracaibo is Mi Vaquita and is very popular. To have Italian cuisine in a cosmopolitan way visit Ciao.

Mi Ternerita is the best club in Maracaibo some say Venezuela. Excellent music, drinks, and ambience. A must go.