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Facts About Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Around 27% of travelers book their Las Vegas trip upto 10 days in advance.
  • People Usually spend 4 nights in Las Vegas
  • 1% of the travelers visit Las Vegas to enjoy the local cuisine.
  • 19% of the travelers opt for Book Now Pay Later option.
  • 3% of travelers bring their kids along to Las Vegas.
  • 51% of travelers who visit Las Vegas are female.
All hotels facts are based on last 3 months' data except the highest and lowest booking months that are based on last 3 months' data.

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Las Vegas, often known simply as Vegas, is a city in the US state of Nevada. The city is well-known as the Entertainment Capital of the World and is internationally popular as a resort city famous predominantly for its casino culture, fine dining, vibrant nightlife, and entertainment scene. This city can be visited all year-round. The cool and pleasant winter is especially excellent for sightseeing.

How to find cheap hotels in Las Vegas?

  • Hotels that are located far from the tourist attractions can give you great hotel deals, but you have to spend a lot on transportation in such case and the idea of a cheap vacation doesn't refer to it. You must take into account all the aspects while looking for cheap Las Vegas Hotels. Some of the major tips to save on hotel bookings are:
  • Book for the first half of the week when the hotel prices are more affordable. Major events are always the defining factors but usually, Las Vegas hotel rooms are cheaper during the weekdays. In the weekends, restaurant reservations and table reservations are harder to come by.
  • The location must be taken into consideration. Find hotels with lower rates in the areas that provide access to everything and you can be able to walk from casino to casino.
  • Look for promotional offers offered by the hotels that can reduce the overall cost of your vacation.
  • Head to Downtown Las Vegas and get the benefits of cheap food, low-limit gambling, and cheap rooms.
  • Consider booking online instead of booking directly at the hotel.
  • Try booking Las Vegas hotels well in advance. If you miss booking the hotel in advance, check for last-minute hotel deals to save on your accommodation cost.

What area is best to stay in Vegas?

The definition of the best areas to stay in Las Vegas depends on the preferences and budget of the tourists. For a basic overview, the areas can be divided as:

  • For First Timers: South Strip is excellent for the first timers in Vegas. As its name suggests, the area is located just south of The Strip and is within walking distance of the famous clubs, casinos, eateries, and attractions.
  • For Budget Stay: Downtown Las Vegas is the place ideal for tourists who are on a budget. The area is located a short walk north of the Las Vegas Strip and is close to cool clubs, bars, and a plethora of unique attractions. Room rates are comparatively lower in this area.
  • For Vibrant Nightlife: Las Vegas Strip is second to none in terms of best places to stay when it comes to party and nightlife. Though the Las Vegas hotel rates are higher in this area, the action makes it worth spending.
  • For Art and Culture: Arts District is another cool place to stay. One of the most colorful neighborhoods in Vegas, Arts District is the core of the art and culture scene of the city.
  • For Family Tourists: Symphony Park area is the ideal place to stay for tourists who are visiting with family. This small neighborhood is a mixed-use space boasting shops, residences, and a huge verdant space.

Where should I stay when visiting Las Vegas?

You can choose the areas as per your needs and preferences by the above-mentioned tips. One major point that must be considered is the location and its distance from the tourist attractions in the city. There’s no point in saving on Las Vegas hotel reservations and paying more money and time on ground transportation. Keep in mind that the money generated from room booking is not the major source of revenue for hotels as they focus on earning through table reservations, bars, and restaurants. This can help you get the affordable rooms and you will need not to stay away from the center of action to get better deals.

What foods are Las Vegas known for?

Las Vegas has become the centerstage of celebrity chefs and there are restaurants bearing celebrity chefs' names located at every nook and corner. Some of the food items you must not miss on your trip to Las Vegas are Sushi, buffets, Basque food (especially Basque-style chateaubriand), and shrimp cocktails.

Where do locals eat in Vegas?

There are several eateries in the areas located away from The Strip. In general, locals prefer to eat at the restaurants that are located off the Las Vegas Strip. Such restaurants are cheaper and also serve tasty food.

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