Let us do the worrying!

Here’s when we’ll protect you!
  • Missed ConnectionPeople can, and often do, miss flights when the previous connecting flight got delayed or canceled.
  • Flight Delays & CancelationsOn average, 300 flights get canceled per day at any major airport due to weather or mechanical issues.
  • Schedule ChangesWith non-refundable tickets, you get a great deal on air travel, but there is a significant penalty to missing a flight, since tickets are expensive to rebook and you may end up having to buy an entirely new ticket.
What connection protection offers you!
Instant Rebooking

We'll book an alternative flight at no extra cost, provided it is covered under the Guarantee

Refund Unused Tickets

If we cannot find you an alternative flight, we will refund your affected and unused tickets

Overnight Accommodation

We will cover overnight delays that are more than 8 hours (up to $50 per passenger)

Alternative Transportation

We will cover your cost to get to another airport for your flight (up to $100)

Food & Drinks

We will cover food & drinks for delays that are more than 4 hours (up to $15 per passenger)

Live Support

We will watch out for any flight delays and alert you to them

Which flights are covered

Certain flights and routes are eligible to receive our CheapOair Connection Protection. Your booking confirmation email will show you which connection is covered.

During booking, check a flight's details to see which connections are covered by the CheapOair Connection Protection.

Call us between 8 am to 2 am EST.

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