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What is the best time to fly to Hungary?

The best time to fly to Hungary is from June to August i.e. peak tourist season. For travelers who wish to take Hungary flights for cheap, months from March to May and months from September to November are perfect, when the weather is pleasant, and the country isn’t brimming with tourists.

Which airlines fly direct to Hungary from the USA?

LOT Polish Airlines

What are the things to do in Hungary?

Hungary is a landlocked country in Europe, bordered by Austria, Serbia and Ukraine. The country is perched at the crossroads of Europe and fuses old Europe with its amalgamation of Communist-era grittiness and Hapsburg grandness. Due to its tactical location, traditionally, Hungary has been exposed to attacks and has been in the hands of numerous rulers.

Hungary boasts a remarkable history and rich cultural heritage, the nation is home to a variety of tourist wonders, best in class exhibition halls, and tourist spots. The cosmopolitan nation has held its conventions of traditional music, winemaking, and Hungarians have additionally revitalized their exquisite, Vienna-style bistro culture. Capital city Budapest is among Europe's popular tourist destination.

What are the top tourist attractions in Hungary?

  • Buda Castle
  • The Danube
  • Historic Spa Towns
  • The Caves of Lillafured
  • Tihany
  • Sopron
  • Eger Castle
  • Cathedral of St. Peter
  • Visegrad Royal Palace
  • The Buda Hills

How to find cheap flights to Hungary?

Book your tickets well in advance to avail cheap Hungary airline tickets. With prior bookings, you can get best deals on airline tickets. In general, booking at least 30 days in advance is recommended.

Choose budget airlines for cheap tickets. The number of budget airlines is increasing and hence there is a high chance of you grabbing flights for cheap.

Use rewards points to get exciting Hungary flight deals. Join airline reward program and earn reward point every time you travel.

Contact travel agent and get the deals that are too good to be published.

Which are the popular airports in Hungary?

  • Budapest Ferihegy International Airport
  • Debrecen Airport