Find Car Rentals in Timisoara (TSR)

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Fun Facts about Timisoara Car Rentals

  • On an average travelers booked a car rent 5 days in advance for their trip to Timisoara.
  • Travelers generally booked a car rental for 13 days.
  • Economy Elite is the most preferred car category in Timisoara.
  • Most travelers booked Payless Car Rental in Timisoara.
  • 50% of travelers were on a family trip to Timisoara.
  • 50% of travelers who visited Timisoara were females.
§ All of the above-mentioned facts are derived from the data of the last 3 months while the highest and lowest booking months are picked on the basis of last 12 months.

Book a Car Rental in Timisoara, Romania

Timisoara (TSR) is a year round destination attracting numerous family vacationers. The best way to enjoy attractions like the Piata Victoriei, the Bastion and the Village Museum is by renting a car. Select your desired car from plush sedan or a sturdy SUV.

Best Attractions to Visit in Timisoara
  • Situated near Piata Unirii, don’t forget to visit the Botanical Park. It houses various species of plants and flowers.

Top daytrips around in Timisoara
  • Get a close look at Romanian tradition at the Village Museum.