Find Car Rentals in Riyadh (RUH)

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Book a Car Rental in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is a living demonstration of the nation’s dedication to being technologically modern and socially conservative. Though past-times like alcohol and movie theaters are prohibited, travelers will find an abundance of shopping malls as well as opportunities to explore the undulating desert outside the city.

Can’t-Miss Attractions
    • The tallest building in Riyadh, the Kingdom Centre Tower stands out in every photo of the city’s skyline. Visitors can dine at the 77th-floor restaurant Spazio, shop in the mall or stay in the Four Seasons. The Sky Bridge, which adorns the very top, offers unending views of the city from 992 feet.
    • Comprising eight different exhibits, the National Museum has a focus on Arabic and Islamic history. For anyone looking to explore the history of the Kingdom, the museum is a great place to start, as it has full-scale replicas as well as original relics of both physical and social sciences.

Best Day Trips Outside Riyadh
    • Northwest from Riyadh are the small towns of Sadus Al Qasab and Shaqra, where you can find a number of fascinating ruins; these are the result of modern housing materials being introduced to the country, whereupon citizens abruptly abandoned their homes to build new ones out of concrete.
    • Though half of the drive up requires off-roading in the desert, the Edge of the World is definitely worth the journey. The massive cliff juts out from the surrounding landscape and provides uninterrupted views of the desert all the way to the horizon, making visitors feel like they’re truly at the precipice of the Earth.