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Book a Car Rental in Johannesburg, South Africa

A huge city and one of South Africa’s cultural hubs, Johannesburg is a cosmopolitan destination with marvelously easy access to natural wildlife by way of safaris. Joburg, as it’s commonly called, also offers museums and archeological sites for tourists to be educated on not only South Africa’s turbulent history but also the ancestors of humans as a species.

Must-Visit Historic Attractions
    • The Apartheid Museum comprises poignant multimedia exhibits that explore the factors that contributed to apartheid as well as its consequences. The museum’s content is even more evocative considering how recent these historical events took place.
    • As the origin of some of the oldest human fossils ever found, the Cradle of Humankind is a fascinating site that includes excavated caves that visitors can explore. The on-site museum is less a display of artefacts than an interactive journey from the planet’s origins to the beginnings of early human life.

Best Places To See Animals
    • About an hour’s drive outside Johannesburg, the Rietvlei Nature Preserve is a paradise of hoofed mammals. Rhinos, antelope, zebras and more roam freely about the expansive grounds, while birds such as ostriches and black korhaans can also be seen.
    • The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre is a delightful education and conservation center for a number of animals ranging from cheetahs to African wild dogs to vultures. Cheetahs, of course, are the main draw, and visitors can see the elegant cats being fed and exercised, which includes running at top speed -- a mere blur to the human eye.