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Book a Car Rental in Georgetown, Guyana

Unexplored, unkempt and engaging! These three words are apt to describe Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana. This delightful escape from the urban jungle has everything a wandering spirit needs to thrive on. Nicknamed as the ‘Garden City of the Caribbean’, Georgetown is home to sweet-smelling fresh blooms, like the one found at Botanical Gardens. To breeze through this town of vacationers, rent a car and drop by the highlights of the city including Stabroek Market, National Museum of Guyana and so on.

Top Daytrips around Georgetown
    • The Botanical Gardens is open during the daytime only and it is full of several different varieties and colors of Victoria Lilies, that are also the national flower of Guyana. It has Guyana zoo too, located within its premises.
    • Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology is a double story museum where one can glance upon the Guyana’s Amerindian heritage absolutely free.

Free / Cheap Activities Georgetown
    • St George's Cathedral stands tall and proud as one of the tallest wooden construction in the world, complemented with beautiful architecture.
    • National Museum of Guyana serves as a repository of the colonial and historical heritage of Guyana.