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Packed with beautiful palaces, temples and skyscrapers, Seoul has an eclectic mix of ancient and modern times. Whether you wish to explore the heritage of the city in the Gyeongbok-gung and Deoksu-gung or take up a hiking trip in the beautiful sights like Mount Bukhan, the choice is entirely yours.

Seoul Incheon for Outdoor Enthusiasts

• Outdoor enthusiasts love Seoul. Plan for a hiking trip on Mount Bukhan that offers the best hike in the city and come back with excellent memories.

• The city is home to some beautiful parks including Boramae Park, Namsan Park and the Olympic Park. Plan a lazy day at any of these parks and enjoy some time around nature.

Take Off on a weekend Getaway in Seoul Incheon

• Vacationing in Seoul and not visiting the Gyeongbok Palace is definitely a sin. Take a guided tour of this beautiful palace and get to know about Korea’s court customs.

• Take a stroll through the beautiful neighborhoods of the Bukchon Village. This picturesque village houses small courtyards, traditional Korea houses and is a great option for a fruitful weekend.