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    Visit Mili Island, it is a coral atoll of 92 islands that is situated in the Pacific Ocean. Major hotels in this area can be found at Downtown Mili Island. Plenty of parks and lush green surroundings can be easily found near this island.

    Points of Interest in Mili Island

    Check out the Arno Atoll with buddies. Situated 48 miles away from Mili Island, it is a coral atoll of 133 islands spread across 5 sq miles, this place is home to three different lagoons.

    Here you will get to see how copra and Kili Bag is made.Take a stroll through the island and check out the old artillery pieces and bunker systems.

    Best Foods to Try in Mili Island

    This area is very well-known for its fishes, crabs, oysters, prawns and much more. Coconut water is another source of keeping your digestion perfect.

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