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Fun Facts about Augusta Car Rentals

  • On an average travelers booked a car rent 13 days in advance for their trip to Augusta.
  • Travelers generally booked a car rental for 4 days.
  • Economy is the most preferred car category in Augusta.
  • Most travelers booked Avis Rent A Car in Augusta.
  • 23% of travelers were on a family trip to Augusta.
  • 45% of travelers who visited Augusta were females.
§ All of the above-mentioned facts are derived from the data of the last 3 months while the highest and lowest booking months are picked on the basis of last 12 months.

Book a Car Rental in Augusta, Georgia

Seated along the Savannah River, Augusta is widely known as the host of the annual Masters golf tournament. However, the city has more than just fareways to offer: Its rich history as the hometown of James Brown and Woodrow Wilson, as well as its significant role on the Confederate side of the Civil War, makes its museums and well-preserved landmarks worth a visit.

Best Historic Attractions
    • Founded in 1937, the Augusta Museum of History is dedicated to preserving the city’s past, including its strategic role in the Civil War and its history as a golf destination. A notable exhibit is the one on James Brown, detailing lesser-known facts about the revered singer’s life and career.
    • The Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson was restored in honor of the 28th president, who spent his formative years in Augusta. Visitors are allowed to walk through all of the house, and knowledgeable tour guides are on hand to explain how Wilson’s worldview was influenced by his time there.

Major Highways In Augusta
    • Interstate 20 cuts horizontally through northern Georgia, running from the Alabama border to the Savannah River. From Augusta, I-20 brings travelers to Atlanta in the west or Columbia, S.C. to the east.
    • State Route 25 runs north-south, connecting Augusta to Savannah in the south or and Greenville, S.C. to the north. The route follows an older path previously used by US-17.